About Us

Tamilnadu Textile and Common Labour Union- TTC is formed by volunteer women group of workers working in textile and other allied industries. The trade union aims to protect the interests of its members and stand up for any injustice against women in the workplace across the state. This trade union is formed on the backdrop of innumerable working class women been subjected to abuse, exploitation, marginalization and discrimination. This is the first of its kind trade union by the women, for the women and towards total empowerment of all working class women across the state.


Tamil Nadu Textile and Common Labor Union is involved in various activities to promote the trade union activities among women workers. The major activities are:
  • 1Campaigns and awareness programmes at community level.
  • 2Capacity building of TTCU representatives.
  • 3Legal support to girl workers affected by exploitative employment practices.
  • 4Demonstrations and protests.
  • 5Conferences at regional and state level, involving representatives from other trade unions, NGOs, activists and media.
  • 6Print and visual media publications.
  • 7Networking with similar institutions to strengthen our efforts.
  • 8Support to women workers through registration and benefits under unorganized labor welfare programmes.
  • 9Lobby and advocacy with government officials, political leaders, retailers and other stakeholders.
  • 10Field studies to understand and update about current trends in employment practices in textile / garment industry.

Change makers


Mrs. Anna Salomi Resides at Sirumalai Hills and was a bonded Labourer working in spinning mills, She has first-hand experience of the plight of women working in the mills as Camp coolies, Despite the adversaries she had faced, her courage and determination has seen her to become he Vice President of TTCU. she continues to dedicate her life for the cause of the working women.

R.Paritha Begum - TTCU State President

R.Paritha Begum is an efficient, Compassionate and capable leader under whose leadership, TTCU has evolved into one of the most important women's movement in the state.Paritha with her genuine care for the cause of the woman has helped to build this union from the beginning

S.Roselin Mary - Joint Secretary

An excellent orator, Roselyn is an expert in articulating her opinion at public forums. A fighter at heart, Roselyn does not shy away from any challenges put forth towards her.

M.Selvi - Joint Secretary

Miss.Selvi is the state joint Secretary, A long term mill worker, Selvi understands the plight of the woman working in the mills, She is an excellent community organizer. Selvi Works closely with the Bonded Labourers working in the mills, Though she has completed 8th standard only, She Processes leadership skills that are valuable for the Union